Yorkshire Honey

At Staincross, our honey is meticulously extracted to preserve its natural purity. We refrain from heating during processing, ensuring the honey retains its raw state. We only use coarse straining to keep beneficial pollen particles, removing wax yet sometimes imparting a cloudy appearance. We believe less filtering conserves more flavor. Our chunk honey features a piece of the original wax comb, surrounded by strained honey, offering a taste as authentic as nature intended.


“Raw” Honey?

Raw honey is true to its name—unprocessed, unpasteurized, and straight from the hive. It undergoes minimal straining to remove wax bits, ensuring its purity. For honey in its most natural state, comb honey, complete with wax cappings, is ideal. However, in the UK, the term “raw” can’t legally describe honey due to specific labeling regulations, emphasizing the importance of understanding these distinctions when purchasing.



The European honey bee’s typical foraging range is up to about 3 miles, which presents a challenge for certifying honey as organic in the UK. Given the proximity of organic to non-organic farmland, achieving pure organic foraging is extremely difficult. Consequently, most “organic” honey in the UK is imported, mainly from countries like Brazil and New Zealand. It’s advised to inquire about the origins and certification of “organic” honey when purchasing in the UK, due to these stringent criteria and the prevalence of imported products.


“blend of EU honeys”?

Most supermarket honey in Europe, over half, is imported from China and often undergoes ultra-filtration, removing pollen and making it difficult to verify its origin. In 2016, the European Commission found that 20% of imported honey was adulterated with added sugars to increase volume. This highlights the value of paying a premium for honey from local beekeepers, ensuring authenticity and supporting sustainable practices. You can read more about Honey Adulteration here.



Crystallization is a natural process that occurs in high-quality honey over time, signifying its purity. To return crystallized honey to its liquid state, simply loosen the jar’s lid and warm it gently in a bowl of warm water. This method preserves the honey’s quality while restoring its smooth consistency.