• Beekeeper with over 12-years experience.
  • Qualified, Primary School Teacher.
  • DBS Checked and Subscribed.
  • Curriculum-matched workshops and visits.

Can you explain how bees make honey?
Do you know the difference between a drone and a worker?
Can you explain the function of the Nasonov pheromone to your pupils?

Let us help you to deliver a wide and varied curriculum which engages, challenges and forms memorable, worth-while learning experiences for your children.

Observations in the class…

We will bring an observation hive into school which has some frames of bees encased in Perspex. The children can see the queen, drones and workers on combs from the brood nest.

The children will learn about the life cycle of the honey bee, how bees make honey and the beekeepers’ equipment.

Loan a hive & beekeeper…

We loan the school a hive with a colony of bees for 6 weeks.

Includes 6 x 1hour sessions with the teaching beekeeper.

Every week we conduct an inspection on the colony. The children learn about what it takes to be a beekeeper.

You will receive 10 jars of honey at the end of summer.

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